Sunday, 14 October 2012

The LOST Addict

I am the LOST addict.

Have you ever watched an episode of ABC's LOST? If you have you'll know that this show allows polar bears in the jungle and odd black smoke monsters wondering the island.
If you haven't, well you may be the luckiest person alive. I wish I were you so I could experience watching this show for the first time all over again.

Now... You may have heard things about the show that didn't appeal to you... but give it a chance!
The creativity and imagination that went into creating this show is mind blowing. The writers are geniuses, keeping viewers interested through all six seasons. Watch the show to see character development in its finest! When the series unfortunately came to an end, I was depressed... Yes it was that good of a show.

Halloween is coming up soon, and to extend the obsession of this show I have, I dressed up as a member from the Dharma Initiative for Halloween in Grade 11. The Dharma Initiative is a group of scientists located on the Island that wear matching jumpsuits and work boots. So when everyone else was dressing up as a sailor or Ke$ha, I went in my dads work boots, and a jumpsuit that I had made from clothes at Value Village. It was a great costume, so if you watch the show and need a last minute idea then it is very easy to create! 

These are members of the Dharma Initiative 

Here is my homemade costume:

Not only did this television show influence my Halloween costume, but it inspired my final philosophy paper in Grade 12. There are so many themes to LOST and I believe that anyone can connect to the show in some way. Whether it's faith vs science, fate vs free will, life & death, relationships, or isolation there should be some character you can relate to or some issue that you understand.

Here is a link to everything you need to know about the show, it is the Lost Encyclopedia,


I would really recommend watching the show, I have watched every episode twice now, and it still keeps me engaged and interested. As I said before, you're really lucky if you haven't watched it yet.. you're in for an experience!

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