Monday, 1 October 2012

Get Off The Computer And Try This

What happened last weekend?

What's the last thing you expect to do when invited to a friend's house for dinner? You may have guessed something sweet like a surprise party. You may have even guessed something a bit more "risqué" like some kind of romantic evening. You would however be wrong on both accounts. Playing a board game should've been the first and most obvious conclusion to come to. Not just your typical board game however like Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit, but something a bit more quirky where the right and wrong answer can really get tricky to discern.

The game I'm talking about is Scattergories.

Scattergories Contents
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Wine does wonders


I was completely taken off guard as we were winding down after dinner. My friend made butter chicken and it was amazing for being homemade, and the fact that I had no idea they could cook. Of course the Shiraz and Chardonnay helped the experience, but I forgot how much I enjoy board games. There were 5 of us which was a good sized group for this type of game. The basic premise is each player takes turns rolling the die which has a different letter on each side. Whichever letter the die lands on is the letter each word of the 10 different categories must begin with.


Okay so this is what happens 


Example: I roll the die and it lands on M. There are 10 different categories on each player's category card. There are also multiple cards with a different set of 10 categories on each side. Since the die landed on M, each word I write down for an answer to the category must begin with M. Say the category was a famous musician, I could put Michael Jackson, Mozart, Musiq Soulchild, etc. Now if someone else put the same answer as me if I put Michael Jackson then neither of us get a point for that category. You can only score points if your chosen word isn't chosen by anyone else. There is also a 30 second time limit, you can also set it to longer.

What games do you like to play? If you don't play any board games or haven't for a long time, then what games do you want to try or reconnect with?

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  1. I absolutely love board games. A few weeks ago I actually had some friends over for dinner for "Game Night". They all were like "What???!", "What kind of games?", "Oh my god, I haven't played board games since I was a kid." Sure enough, EVERYBODY had an amazing time. Like you said, pairing games with some alcohol can make it really interesting.

    I've played Scattegories before and it's one of my favourites. My #1 would have to be Taboo. Watching people crack under pressure is hilarious! Jenga is a good one as well, a classic that always gets a party going.

    Glad to know there's still people who enjoy some real fun.