Wednesday, 24 October 2012

How social media has helped the resurrection of Yellowcard

Have you ever heard of the band Yellowcard? I always find myself explaining to my friends who my favourite band is while they give me this blank stare and ask “who are you talking about?” I am always dragging my friends to their concerts and encouraging them to give them a listen.

For many of you who don’t know Yellowcard, they rose to fame in the early 2000’s, with hits like “Ocean Avenue” and “Only One”. With a touch of fame, the band took a break and soon after broke up. Four years ago they got back together, and are rebuilding the trust of their fans using social media.

I love how they give concert tour updates! Yellowcard uses Twitter to interact with fans. It saves me time to research when they are coming to town. It also provides a personal touch to the band because I can follow them individually and know what their day to day is like.  I can write messages directly to them, knowing that they are going to actually receive it.

A cool feature that Facebook offers is the chance to go to other websites to purchase the band’s merchandises and concert tickets. Yellowcard’s Facebook page gives general information on the band.

YouTube is a great place for a band to promote itself, posting personal videos and music videos. It gives people the chance to go back and re-watch their favourite music videos. 

What’s your opinion on how bands today use social media to connect with their fans? Does your favourite band use it too? Do they use the same tools as Yellowcard?

If you want to check this amazing band Yellowcard out live click here.

You know I’ll be there!

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