Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Mysterious Triangle.

The Bermuda Triangle has always been a popular topic to discuss when it comes to paranormal mysteries. Located between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Miami, the large body of water has managed to stir some horrifying stories about disappearing ships and aircrafts that lost signal.    

These were some of the stories I recall growing up...

  The Disappearing Cyclops 

 During World War I, the USS Cyclops ship was sent out to refuel allied ships. With over 300 people onboard, the ship took off towards Barbados. After that, the Cyclops was never heard from again. All attempts to locate the ship were proved unsuccessful.  Some say they slipped into a vortex, while others say the devil snatched them. Until this day I wonder, where did these people go?!  


  The Time Travelling Machine:

 In 1970, a father and son were flying to the Bahamas when they came across a strange cloud that grew and eventually morphed into a tunnel. They decided to fly into the rotating tunnel (LORD KNOWS WHY!) only to emerge in thick fog. Their compass spun wildly and electrical sparks surrounded them. When the fog finally broke up, they had found themselves miles away - much farther than they could have ever traveled in that time. Leading them to believe they had passed through a time travelling tunnel. The story sounds a bit exaggerated but I could really use thatunnel for my 8 a.m. class.
 So folks, with every good paranormal phenomenon there is always a group of scientists trying to PROVE that everything has an explanation. Scientists believe that large amounts of methane bubbles are being released from the Bermuda triangle, causing the gas to interrupt signals, and drown ships and planes. They have tried finding the missing ships and aircrafts but the ocean is apparently too deep, leaving them unable to find anything.


Do you believe in natural mysteries? Or are you all for scientific explanations?

How will we ever know who’s right? I suggest we all plan a trip to Bermuda and find out!

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