Thursday, 4 October 2012

Suit up Ladies and Gentleman...The Catwalk is Back!

It's that time of year yet again everyone, Calendars are being circled and outfits are being selected. World MasterCard Fashion Week is around the corner and fashion takes centre stage in Toronto! The World Mastercard Fashion Week is back in town for its second round this year! Sponsored by Mastercard, this event comes around twice every year, first in March and second in October so it is only a few weeks away. For anyone who does not know,this is a weeklong event that takes place is David Pecaut Square in Downtown Toronto starting October 22nd to the 26th. It is a gathering of some of the most amazing designers from Canada to display their creations on the cat walk.

David Pecaut Square in Toronto

World Mastercard Fashion Week is also home to new and upcommng designers to launch their brand new line. However, not only is this a great opportunity for new designers but it is also a great opportunity for the guest such as yourself! When you pay with your Mastercard you get additional discounts such as 20% off at fashion retailers plus great offers at restaurants, spas and much more!

Here are some of the shows from earlier this year in March! Really, how amazing are these collections?..

Matis by Lucian Matis March 15th 2012

JOE fresh March 15th 2012
Holt Renfrew Mach 15th 2012

World Mastercard Fashion Week is one of Toronto's biggest events durring the year so they need all the help they can get! For anyone interested, this is such an amazing event to volunteer at and i can speak from experience. The FDCC (Fashion Design Council of Canada) recruits volunteers a month prior to the event for set up!

World Masterard Fashion Week and the FDCC offers a section online called "STYLCITY" for those to keep up with the trends of todays world fashion and to stay in the know about all of the extra additonal discounts for all Mastercard holders.

Here is a link to the Calendar for this event and more exciting information about The World Mastercard Fashion Week!

I will see you there ;)!

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