Monday, 8 October 2012

Success of the Canadian spin-off

Brad Smith Canada's first bachelor
Just this last week was the series premiere of Bachelor Canada, another attempt at a Canadian version of an American franchise television show. Growing up as a kid, I quickly learned one thing; Canadian television is dismal in comparison to American programming. Why though? Where is our creativity? Are we not able to create just as entertaining media? In the past, even our imitations have not been as successful as their American counter-parts.

The landscape of Canadian broadcasting has been a very well oiled machine for American producers. We would buy their content, adding both revenue and advertising dollars to their budgets. Season after season, this cycle would repeat. Their entertainment filled our primetime hours, and still is. Recently Canadian producers have seen a new breath of life in their work, it stems from co-national productions. A few of those TV shows:

·      Rookie Blue
·      Flashpoint

From left to right: Ronnie Seterdahl Negus, Christina Kiesel,
Jody Claman, Mary Zilba and Reiko MacKenzie.
Stars of Real Housewives of Vancouver.
The success of these shows has built the foundation for Canadian viewers to be interested in Canadian content. That’s why I believe new Canadian spin-offs will be more successful then their predecessors. Real Housewives of Vancouver, following the lives of 5 wives with intense drama and backstabbing, was met with mediocre reviews but successful viewership ratings. The same applies to the newest addition to the spin-off family, The Bachelor. The show had huge viewership, lots of press coverage and has been deemed a success in all aspects. There is more to come; Big Brother Canada is currently casting. What will come of these shows, and the future of Canadian spin-offs? No one can really know, these days the success of any TV show can quickly dissipate. What I do believe however is that there has been a change in tide, Canadian television may not be as dull as it once was and is slowly growing some muscle internationally.

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