Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Never Too Late for an Apology

                                                           40 years later bullying hurts
In light of October being anti-bullying month, I felt that this story should be shared. Bullying has always been a problem in schools, there was less awareness for it before but now people have really been putting forth a conscience effort to put and end to it and right any wrongs from the past that may have been missed. The story of Roblin Tomlin sheds some light on wrongs become right and that even though something may of happened years ago it is never too late for an apology.

A former student from North Vancouver high school is seeking an apology for a homophobic slur that was used in his class year book in 1970.

Beside Robin Tomlin's name the word "fag" was written. This yearbook has been kept in their school library for over 40 years. Tomlin still does not understand why they chose to write that beside his name, he had a hard time in high school and was often the victim of bullying. He thought the bullying would be done once he graduated high school, but then he opened up his year book and the painful memories where back.

He has been granted the apology from his former school and they are amending the two copies they have of the yearbook in the school library for Tomlin to do with it as he wishes and are given him a new revised copy for his own safe keeping.

Bullying affects people's lives in a negative way and even prevents them from doing things they normally would love to do in fear of what others will do to them. The link below on Tomlin's life and some of the school related functions he has missed such as prom, graduation and even leaving a high school reunion early shows how much of an impact bullying can have on someones life. If everyone works together to make schools and workplaces safe eventually we may be able to stop bullying.

Video clip 40 year old apology

Tomlin full News story

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