Thursday, 11 October 2012

One of Toronto's most heated debates

October 4, 2012

I came across this awesome article published in the Toronto Star, written by Louise Brown and Kamila Hinkson, which focuses on one of Toronto’s most heated and current debates. A 20-year-old University of Toronto student, Fan Wu, has brought a unique opportunity to the attention of the public. He says that the Toronto District School Board should seek to open a high school with gay-based curriculum. This would be available to everyone.

To read this brief article, click on this link below!

The Triangle Program

Something also quite interesting that was mentioned here is the high school Triangle Program at Oasis Alternative Secondary School. This, too, consists of a gay-based curriculum; however, it only invites gay students.

My Thoughts

I, personally am all for the school board pursuing this idea! I think it serves as a great tool to minimize stereotypical attitudes still existing in OUR community. It gives youth the chance to experience diversity, and become comfortable with it. Overtime, more and more people will learn to accept the differences that are a part of other person’s lifestyles, which will discourage violence and hatred.

How do you feel about the potential creation of this high school? Share your thoughts!

Safe Schools Coalition

Out of curiosity, I took a step farther and came across the Safe Schools Coalition. This is an international public-private partnership that works to ensure schools are “safe-zones” for gay persons. The Safe Schools Coalition website allows for people to sign up as member. Here, volunteer opportunities are posted, speaking engagements are announced, and dates that members of the coalition meet are brought to the attention of the viewers.


Still interested? Want to sign up as a member? Clink on the link I have posted below!

What’s YOUR stance on this debate? Feel free to share.

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