Friday, 19 October 2012

Trew music!

Most people have a few favourite bands. Some people have one all-time favourite band. I remember the moment it happened, when everything changed.  It was 2003, I was 13 and at the very beginning of high school. My older brother won tickets to a Nickelback concert and graciously decided to take me – or my parents forced him, I’m not sure if the truth will ever come out! The tickets had the name of the opening band written on them: “The Trews”. As an ignorant teenager I figured no band could be good with a name like that. Was I ever wrong! Their opening set was unreal, and I was hooked!

 The Trews are a Canadian rock band originally from Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Once I was over the aftershock of such a great performance and had a second to research them, I discovered their name was a Scottish term for “pants”. Myself being a highland dancer, I really should have made the connection sooner. 

They are a band you need to see live in order to appreciate them. Over the last decade it has been my pleasure to drag my friends to The Trews concerts in order to convert them from thinking they are “okay” (hearing them solely on the radio), to loving them (almost) as much as me. The amount of effort and energy this band puts into their shows is amazing no matter how many nights in a row they've played.

I’ve run out of fingers and toes to count how many times I’ve seen them live! Some of my favourite songs are:

Many Canadians know The Trews for their patriotic song Highway of Heroes:

One of the fantastic things about being a Trews fan is their home base is now Toronto, Ont., Canada! So naturally there are plenty of opportunities to witness their live fantasticalness:

Thu Nov 8th, 9:30 PM46 WestBarrie, ON
Fri Nov 16th, 8:00 PMThe Regent TheatreOshawa, ON
Sat Nov 17th, 7:00 PMThe Livery TheatreGoderich, ON
Wed Nov 21st, 8:00 PMStarlightWaterloo, ON
Thu Nov 22nd, 8:00 PMStarlightWaterloo, ON
Fri Dec 7th, 8:00 PMEnwave TheatreToronto, ON
For more tour dates click here

Have you ever seen The Trews live? If you're not currently a fan, I dare you to go to a concert and then we'll talk! My next experience is Nov. 21, 2012...feel free to join!

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