Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sale... Is that you?

Have you ever left a store and found the best long blazer that fit you perfectly but the beautifully tailored blazer nearly left your bank account to only a couple dollars? Well I have found that blazer and a couple of other stunning pieces which have instead of leaving my bank account nearly empty, I was able to spend the same amount on one blazer on pants, a shirt, and a nice pair of boots.

Since childhood I have learnt how to spend my money wisely, but just recently found that you don't have to spend much  to look amazing. Here's a couple tips, tricks and places to visit that have amazing clothing with amazing prices.

Deal 1. Sears outlet
The Sears outlet I shop at is on 2200 Islington Avenue, Rexdale. Almost every week they have a sale with 80% off the ticket price which is amazing in itself.  However, it gets even better if you have a Sears MasterCard you save an additional 25%. I found one of my favourite black blazers there for $4.99! Check out this picture:
Here's a picture of the front!

Here's a picture of the back!

 Tip 1. You know when you have a blazer that might not fit you as well as you want it too, or it's just boring? Well here's a great way to jazz up your blazer, add pins! I found these cool gold coloured pins at Dollarama so I bought a pack and pinned it to my blazer. This tip adds shape to the blazer and also some great style!

 Here's a picture of the back!
 Trick 1. One day while putting away my moms laundry I discovered this awesome top. My mom let me know that she bought this shit before I was born. I couldn't believe that this top could be so old, yet so stylish. So from then on I started borrowing great tops from my mom. This trick hopefully inspires you to "discover' tops that can be located in your home.
 Deal 2. Old Navy
About every month Old Navy has 50% off the clearance section, that literally is the most wonderful time of the year. I had bought these pink pants from Old Navy for $5.99. I absolutely love these pants, they fit amazingly and were so cheap! This clearance sale is a great way to get the clothes you wanted from Old Navy but for a much, much better price.

I recommmend you check out this website that offers great deals in Canada:

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