Saturday, 27 October 2012

The Walking Dead Rises!

This Blog may contain scenes of violence and course language. Readers discretion is advised...

In the spritit of Halloween, I thought I would touch base on the series everyone is waiting for, I know you know what im talking about... The Walking Dead is back for its 3rd season, I know, I know, I am just excited as you are! However, if you are not familiar with this show, (tisk tisk), The walking Dead is based on a Post Apocalyptic world that has been infected with a virus killing anyone exposed and causing them to rise from the dead and walk the world, feeding on all human life. The series consists of a group of main characters that team up together and try to surive through what ever little bit of life that is left.  These are the MAIN characters up to date...

     Rick Grimes

Lori Grimes



Carl Grimes

Carol Peletier



Beth Greene

The Govenor
  Daryl Dixon

Glen Rhee

 Hershill Grenne

Maggie Greene

T Dog

Now that you have been caught up with the Characters, season one and two were a build of the virus spreading and causing total mayhem around the world. As each day went by the virus became so strong that within months of exposure, everyone carried the virus and all that needed to happen was for them to die and they would turn, without being bitten by a "Walker".

(Spoiler Alert!!!!!) In Season three, so far, Rick and his group have come across an abandoned prison, full of walkers that need to be killed. After cleaning out the prison, Hershill gets bitten on the ankle by a walker they thought to be dead. As Rick tries to save him to the best of his ability by amputating his right leg, they come across prisoners that have been locked inside a small room for the last eight months. With the prisoners being completely oblivious to what the world has become, they are very unprepared for what they are about to face.

Rick and the prisoners fight for the prison, each declairing the prison their property, but come to an agreement to help the prisoners clear out a ward full of Walkers so they can stay in seperate parts of the jail. All hell breaks loose when the prisoners, one by one get killed off, except for two. Rick and his group clear a ward for the two and leave them to fend for them selves.

For anyone interested, here is a preview of Season Three of The Walking Dead!!!!

(Sorry for the creepy face)
If you happened to miss the last two episodes, you can always catch up on, or every Sunday at 9pm, there is a repeat of the last weeks episode before the new episode airs at 10pm.
Also, for even more Zombie Slaying fun, you can play The Walking Dead ONLINE!!! You can connect to the game through Facebook as well as follow them on Twitter @AMCthewalkingdead, and you can also be apart of the Aftershow, The Talking Dead that recaps each episode aired and features Characters and the Writers from this Amazing show to discuss the Season.
Stay tuned This Sunday at 10pm for Season three, ep.3 of The Walking Dead!
Sweet Dreams everyone ;)

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