Tuesday, 9 October 2012


I've come to realize that the world is for sale.

Believe it? If you look at consumer sites such as Kijiji
or Amazon or Ebay and even Craigslist, you can literally find anything 
and everything that you could possibly want. 
From jobs to services and even relationships; they all
can be a part of the marketplace.

We are now entering a community that allows its members to buy and sell
products with low demand and there is at least one person 
out there that is willing to buy that Canada Goose jacket you no longer need.

Our options are endless

Now, all I need to do is sell my old university 
textbooks that I spent hundreds of dollars on to anyone who will take them. 
When I was enrolled at the University of Toronto I decided to take a few english and philosophy courses. I ended up with a vast amount of knowledge but very little room for creativity.
So I left and for the past five years these books have been collecting dust on my shelf.

If any of you have the same problem might I suggest:
Other students are more likely to purchase pre-owned textbooks from peers due to lower prices and the trust that students have of one another's opinions on the use of certain course books.

I know many people that go to these consumer sites to meet their buying needs. I've bought five cars through Kijiji so you can assume that I trust the site and the individuals that participate in it.
So if you have yet to try one of these sites and need a couple extra dollars to curb your hobbies, try them. They're easy to navigate through and the best thing is they're free to use.

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