Friday, 19 October 2012

Style is ALWAYS the better Option

When I first walked into our very first class of the public relations program the first thing I thought was, “wow everybody is so dressed up and has such good sense of style”. When I was getting dressed that morning I am not going to deny that I actually tried looking good that day. I got up, showered (obviously) spent a good amount of time on my hair and put in some effort into my outfit. I mean it was the first day of a new school and no matter your age, whether you’re starting the first day of kindergarten, that first day of high school, or the first day of college, you always want to look good.
As the semester goes on, I start to notice that some people (not all) begin to stop caring about their appearance when coming to class, especially with the fall and winter seasons approaching. We begin to see the yoga pants and sweat pants come out. But do we have to sacrifice style for comfort?  Being in a public relations program, appearance is everything. But being the somewhat lazy students who spend all day on campus, we want to be comfortable.
Here are some tips that you can use to stay comfortable on campus, but not have to sacrifice style:
1) Wear jeans or leggings they look great and keep your legs warm. Leggings can be dressed up with the right top, sweater or even dress. And jeans can bring any outfit together.
2) Want to wear that baggy sweater that is just all around comfortable, dress it up with a belt and it will synch your waist to still show off the curves of your body, yet still having the warmth of the sweater.
3) Jeans and t-shirt combo is an all-around classic look. A classic dark wash jean and a flashier t-shirt will up the ‘wow’ factor on that basic outfit.

The famous Miley Bun

4) For you girls with longer hair that could just be a pain to maintain in the morning, a classic messy bun is always a go-to; it’s also great on those days when you just don’t feel like washing your hair.

5) Make-up always takes some time in the morning to do, especially when wanting to apply those eye shadows; but a simple swipe of mascara and liner will give you a natural look but still give you that little oomph you’re looking for. 

No matter the weather, fashion
should always come first!

6) The right jacket can finish of an outfit and look suitably stylish for that busy student. Choose a neutral colour so you can pair it with many outfits. I enjoy wearing leather jackets and jean jackets because they can tie any outfit together.
7) For you heel wearing ladies, you don’t have to sacrifice them, but when putting them on in the morning think about what type of heel you are wearing. A wedge, kitten heel, or chunky heel still gives you some flare, but keeps you comfy throughout your day.
8) You can never go wrong with a scarf! Thick scarfs, thin scarfs, pashminas, or wraps can make any outfit look amazing. And with the right print it can make a plain outfit look fa-bu-lous.
9) Want to hide those tired eyes because you didn’t have time to sleep because you were “studying vigorously” for that midterm the next day, a great pair of sunglasses will hide those eyes but still look great.
10) The right type of accessory can make any plain outfit look great. A chunky watch, simple studs, or amazing necklace are great ideas for that ordinary outfit.

Fashionistas like Lauren Conrad know how to dress
for success yet still stay comfy.

Many stores now days are recognizing that people want to dress for success yet still have comfort. Popular stores such as H&M, Forever 21, Express, and Urban Outfitters have amazing outfits for both women and men that adhere to the latest trends, but do not sacrifice the comfort we want. Many of these stores have online stores as well. So you just have to take out that credit card and click away. Because being the “busy” “studious” students that we are, we just don’t have the time to go to the mall.
I know that it can be hard to choose between style and comfort and when we think of comfort we just want to jump into those baggy grey sweat pants. But as the future representatives of companies and organizations, style must never be a sacrifice.   

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  1. Gabby,
    I really enjoyed this blog. I loved all the pictures in included, it provided me with multiple ideas. I loved the links you provided. They are very trendy and affordable for every college student female AND male. I don't have any criticism I think you did really well and should keep on doing things you love to blog about because it really shows.